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Apartment Living; 5 Easy Rental Decorating Ideas (that you can take with you)

Renting? Welcome to the club. But in this club we love to fix up our spaces, even if they’re temporary. These five tiny changes are easy and cheap, but make a huge difference when it comes to day-to-day happiness in your home. Try one (or all) of these today.

1. Showerhead — Ditch your sputtering, slow rental showerhead in favor of your favorite type — try a traditionally-mounted, adjustable model, a low-flow or even a flexible handheld. Take a little trip to your local hardware store and see what strikes your fancy. Most are well under $100 and a cinch to install.

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2. Pegboard — What we love most about pegboard is how it’s functional and pretty. Never have your old pots and pans looked so artsy as when they’re displayed on a pretty pop of pegboard. It’s a snap to hang, and, when you move, it comes down just as easily.

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Tempaper Gio Temporary Wallpaper from Design Public

3. Temporary Wallpaper — The color and pattern of wallpaper without the commitment? Sign us up. Most peel-n-stick paper promises that your paint job won’t be damaged and when you do decide to remove it, wiping down the wall will be the extent of the cleanup.

4. Chandelier — Replacing that dingy, bug-filled light fixture is a must. If you’re handy, you can probably do it yourself (here’s our step by step tutorials onremoving the current one and installing a new one). If not, this is one thing that is so worth it to spend a little more to hire a handyman. Good lighting = a happy you.

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5. Kitchen cabinet knobs — You’re not stuck with the shabby, builder-grade knobs that came on your cabinets. Switching them out can drastically change the look of your kitchen in just an afternoon. Remember to keep the old hardware so you can replace it when it’s time to move out.

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Posted by: Marshall Perry Inc. on March 27, 2015
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