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Make Your Rental Search Mobile

realtor_comappWhen you launch the® Rentals App, you can immediately start looking for rentals in your area, but there are a few features that may not be apparent at first glance in this apartment rentals app.

When you arrive at the map view, you can swipe through your options. Click on one icon in the map and you will see information about the property on the bottom of your screen. If you want to see the other properties within the map, just swipe to scan through all of your options.

For you visual types, if you would rather use images to compare and contrast your housing options, just click on the list icon in the upper right corner.

Now you will see photos of all the listed properties. Swiping sideways and then scrolling down gives you a great sense of what your prospective destinations look like.

When you are out looking at a variety of rentals, it’s hard to keep track of all the places you’ve seen. To avoid that frazzled feeling, add your own photos to each listing to jog your memory. Add pictures of features you liked or photos of the view from the balcony. Simply sign in and click on the photos icon on any Rental Details page to upload your photos. These visual reminders will come in handy after a hectic day of house or apartment hunting.

In addition to pictures, you can also add notes to each rental details page. Just click on the Notes icon and type your thoughts while you are out and about.

Once you have taken photos or notes, you will notice new icons in your map view. Properties you’ve saved or made a note will have a red star icon, properties you’ve contacted will have the blue envelope icon, and the grey eyeball icon means you’ve looked at that property in the app.

While you are out on the road looking for a rental, it’s easy to contact landlords and property managers. Each detail page has links to email and/or call directly. Get in touch and find your next rental!

In the map view, you can keep track of all your progress. Just check the little icons to see which properties you have viewed, which ones you have noted, and which ones you have contacted.

We have also made it easy for you to filter your rental searches. Use the slider tools to help you find the right size and price. And for pet owners, we have made it easy to find a place that’s hospitable to your animals. Just check the boxes to filter for places that allow dogs and cats.

If you want to save your search activity, just click on the “Save” link next to the search box. You can access your saved searches and other recent activity by clicking on the menu in the upper left corner.

With all these useful utilities right at your fingertips, we know that the® Rentals App will be the key to finding the right rental for you!

Posted by: Marshall Perry Inc. on June 8, 2015
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