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What To Do With That Small, Awkward Gap Behind the Sofa

If you float your living room furniture (and you should consider it) then you might have one of those pesky spots that’s not quite big enough for traditional furniture, but it’s too big to completely ignore. What to do, what to do? Sometimes it’s 12 inches, and sometimes a few feet. Either way, it’s an opportunity.

There’s usually always enough room for a leaning mirror against the wall. If it’s large enough, like this one in Roger and Chris’ home, you’ll get the illusion of furniture with its reflection of whatever is across the room. (Lead photo above)

A bookcase behind the sofa is a great way to add a little texture — and a little storage — to your living room. (Naturally, things you don’t use as much go directly behind the couch.)

Rohde had just enough space behind his living room sofa for a slim desk that fit his laptop. Instant office.

These art ledges, filled with frames, disappear behind the pink sofa and go down to the floor, as captured by Annika von Holdt. The wall is a huge statement.

A narrow console table is a great opportunity for displaying vignettes, or a pretty pair of lamps. Steve and Stacy used theirs for bookshelves and other accessories.

This floating shelf behind Nina’s sofa is wide enough for some plants. Since it’s also the same color as the walls, it’s not hugely visible as well.

I’m intrigued by the narrow ledge behind the sofa in this Paris apartment, designed by Sarah Lavoine. Is it functional storage, or just a built-in feature? I can imagine a similar IKEA hack happening.


Posted by: Marshall Perry Inc. on November 5, 2015
Posted in: Apartment Living