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Meet Blink: The Ultra Affordable Wire-Free Home Monitoring System

Over the past few years we’ve seen tons of innovation in the home security marketplace; smaller, smarter cameras have made it easier than ever to keep an eye on things at home while you’re away – but with a hefty price tag. Enter: Blink, the simple, chic answer to affordably monitoring your whole home.

We Think You’ll Like Blink, Here’s Why:

Blink is a new wire-free HD home surveillance system that offers serious battery longevity and a super simple setup. The cameras themselves are really straightforward; since they’re battery-operated and connect to a central hub over WiFi, you can place them just about anywhere. There’s no installation required beyond finding a space on your bookshelf or using the included wall mount to swivel and tilt the camera into the ideal position. Best of all, the batteries only need to be replaced once a year! Other wire-free home monitoring cameras need a recharge about every two weeks, so that’s kind of a big deal.

The whole Blink system works with your smartphone via the Blink app. As soon as motion is detected by a Blink camera, a short video is captured and an alert is sent to your device so you can log on and see what’s happening. Live View mode lets you access a live camera feed anytime—perfect if you’ve ever wondered what your dog gets up to while you’re at work. (Spoiler: He’s probably sleeping… on your bed… where you told him not to. Good luck with that.)

Initially funded on Kickstarter, Blink is now entering production! For a limited time, you can pre-order a one-camera system for just $79. A three-camera system is only $189, which is about what you’d pay for a single camera from most other video surveillance systems these days.

Posted by: Marshall Perry Inc. on December 18, 2015
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