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Providing world-class service in the property management business since 1959.

Marshall Perry, Inc.

Real estate, much like any other industry, is not without its ups and downs. For every “good day” that you have as a tenant or property owner, there seems to be an equal or more powerful “bad day” right behind it. Maybe you found the right place to live for you and your family, only to realize that the situation isn’t quite what you thought when you learn that the property management company in question isn’t going to be there for you when you need them. Maybe you finally found the right tenant to rent your property, only to realize that things aren’t quite what they at first seemed when they fail to make their first rent payment on time.

When you partner with Marshall Perry Incorporated, it’s important to understand that you’re entering into a relationship with a company that you can depend on. These are the types of worries that we specialize in removing from your life on a daily basis. We have been proudly operating in Stanislaus & Alameda Counties for over 5 decades, and will always do what it takes to make sure that “bad days” in real estate are no longer your concern.

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